Phoenix Plus-The most advanced professional drone package

Phoenix Plus is the most advanced professional drone package based on a heavy-lifting, rain resistance & fireproof drone. It’s integrated with multiple payloads and industry-grade ground station that can be used in aerial inspection, search and rescue, mapping, construction, mining etc, which would bring real value to you.

High Payload Capacity Up to 7 kg

No matter what you need to carry, heavy industry-grade cameras,
sensors or even multiple payloads, Phoenix Plus would be ideal for
heavy payload solutions with a maximum carrying capacity of 7 kg.

Flight Time Up to 75 Minutes

Compaired with most of the industrial drones on the market today, 75min is quite competitive on fly time endurance.

Phoenix Plus has excellent flight performance with different payloads. It can fly 75 minutes if without any payload.

Long Distance & HD Image
Transmission System

With MMC’s cutting edge transmission system,
Phoenix Plus enables remote route plans and live
feedback. With the max transmission distance
of 10 km, it can meet most of missions.

Rain/Fire/Dust Proof

Phoenix Plus has advanced rain resistance, fireproof
and dust-proof carbon fiber frame, which enables it to
work in all types of tough environment.

Plug-and-Play Connector

Phoenix Plus is designed with pioneering plug-and- play technology
and can be compatible with over 200 payload modules. It can be quickly
attached and removed, which allows Phoenix Plus to be immediately
configured for meeting the needs of different missions.

Multiple Payloads

Phoenix Plus can be equipped with a series of payloads including
cameras, megaphones, search lights,drop systems and so on.


Oil & gas Inspection

Wind Turbine Inspection

3D Modeling

Power Lines Stringing

Search and Rescue

Offshore pier Inspection

Development Opportunities

For end users who have requirements for highly specialized or proprietary payloads, MMC's plug-and-play system provides an ideal platform for development. Electrical contact points are available to integrate new systems directly into the aircraft's flight management system, providing the ultimate in customization.

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