Phoenix Plus

The most trustworthy power line inspection UAV

MMC Phoenix Plus is the ultimate Drone that can carry a heavy payload and secure it while It working in the air. In many UAV applications, especially when using some very Hi-Tech sensors, which worth half million or even higher cost, you always want to make sure they are fully secured and efficiently workable in the most complicated mission and other worst case scenario.


In order to meet the high-risk industrial projects needs, MMC invested great efforts on A6 Plus loading capacity, 7KG pick-up performance is not just a dream anymore


Compaired with most of the industrial drones on the market today, 75min is quite competitive on fly time endurance.

6 electrical brushless (sensorless) motors equipped on drone, it can support longer fly time with carrying payload, like 5KG payload(22000mAh) 28min, 5KG payload(32000mAh) 33min, 2KG payload(22000mAh) 43min, which ensures uninterrupted flight and immediate data transfer, even in more remote areas.


Military Grade Ground Station

Pheonix Plus compacted with MMC own designed 9KG MMC S15 ground station, with its water proof, dust proof, rain proof design enables applications in a variety of tough situation.

Industrial Grade Graphic Transmission System

Comparing with DJI M200 series and M600, swift data transmission within 5KM, plus fingerprint identification system guide to a more reliable performance.

Air frame

The air frame of Phoenix Plus is made of lightweight materials,

carbon fiber, and aircraft-grade aluminum. It's enclosed structure

protects the power system from fire, water, and dust.

Upgrading design

Phoenix Plus has an advanced GPS module to ensure an uninterrupted satellite signal when the drone is in the air. The automatic safety kill switch is the new feature for stability, based on A6 Plus it had upgraded its flight performance.

Compatible Payload

More than 200 payload modules are available for Phoenix Plus. LiDAR and other payloads enable the drones to cater to many applications in inspection, surveying, and mapping, etc. The plug-and-play port can be customized to accommodate unique requirements. It’s quick to attach and remove, allows Phoenix Plus to be immediately configured to meet the needs of multiple areas missions


Oil & gas Inspection

Wind Turbine Inspection

3D Modeling

Power Lines Stringing

Search and Rescue

Offshore pier Inspection

Development Opportunities

For end users who have requirements for highly specialized or proprietary payloads, MMC's plug-and-play system provides an ideal platform for development. Electrical contact points are available to integrate new systems directly into the aircraft's flight management system, providing the ultimate in customization.

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