Spider - the King of Overhead Power Lines Stringing Equipment

Spider, is a complete set of drone solution of power line stringing. The drone solution Spider covers professional drone, pre-sales training, project planning, flight planning and operation by pilots team and after-sales service.

MMC professional drones for power line stringing have flown over various terrains including Kalimantan Tropical rain forest, high-altitude mountains in Bhutan, China’s island and rivers, and so on.

Watch MMC Drone for Powerline Construction / Overhead Power Line Stringing

What’s Included in the Spider Package?


- Power line stringing drone
- Lightweight Camera & Plug-and-Play system
- Intelligent Drop System
- Cable Reel
- 2mm Guide Lines(1000 meter)
- T9 Remote Controller with Display Screen
- Charger
- 16000mAh/6S Lipo Battery
- Customization Package Bag & Package Box

Spider-a High-quality Professional Drone Package for Power Line Stringing

Here are Spider Package Features:

-Intelligent drop device avoids obstacles such as branches or structures;
-Flight endurance (with payload) is more than 20 minutes, available for a project range of over 900m;
-Payload capacity of up to 3 kg, accommodating with the standard leading line of 3mm;
-The autonomous flight feature allows operators to switch between manual operation and route planning;
-Optional to use the A6 Plus rain resistant carbon fiber drone for wet climates;
-Multi-function design allows a payload switch (including cameras) to change the function;
-Intelligent drop system can work at any place, any time and any weather, one key to cast the stringing line;
-100% safe for the drone, the drone remains safe from any accidental pulling force. e.g. the stringing line hooked by the tree branch or other unavoidable obstacles.

Case Study - KEC International at Bhutan Power Line Stringing Project

In 2016, MMC helped KEC International Ltd. with power line stringing project in a high altitude place of Bhutan and proposed a solution towards the topography of steep and high mountains crisscrossed by a network of swift rivers, which were filled with deep valleys.

Problems/ Challenges:
1. Steep and high mountains crisscrossed by a network of swift rivers and deep valleys. There was a river between the two towers;
2. The distance between the two towers is 1200 meters.

Spider Solutions/ Advantages:
With Spider, it only takes 20-25 minutes;
No need to cross dangerous area;
Protect lineman from any kind of threat.

Mr Ratish Kumar, the stringing manager of KEC International, said, “Good initiative and best product for transmission line stringing in mountains and the best part is stringing over hot line. I wish you best of luck and keep up the good work.”(KEC International Limited, the flagship company of RPG Group, is a global company major on infrastructure engineering, procurement and construction.)

Case Study - PT. Wisma Sarana Teknik Power Line Stringing Project

In Indonesia, many of stringing projects has been delayed for years before partnering with MMC, due to problems seemingly insurmountable. Pentadaya has this kind of overhead line stringing project, the distance between two towers is 500 meters and this project has been delayed for two years. Then in 2016, they used MMC drone to fly over the active power line and finished this project>>watch the video

Problems/ Challenge:
1. There is a 150 KV active power line crisscross these two towers, the subcontractor cannot turn off the active power line;
2. The project has been delayed for two years;
3. The soft land can't support scaffolding and work man, if the scaffolding falls, it will damage the active power cord;

Spider Solutions/ Advantages:
Use Spider only need 15-20 minutes.
No need to shut down the active power cord.
Protect lineman from any kind of threat, e.g.avoid to crossing dangerous soft land.

Contractor customer Mr.Erik, Sub: “Saya nggak membayangkan budget karena pengen beli. Ke depannya banyak proyek PLN  di perkebunan sawit. PLN nggak mau menebang sawitnya. Kita kerja dari atas. Kalau ada drone kita bisa dari atas semua untuk pancingan, semua harusnya ada manfaatnya.”

PLN stringing expert Mr.Bambang: “Tali pancingan atau lead rope bisa dikendalikan dengan jarak yang aman menggunakan drone. Selama ini untuk melintas di transmisi yang bertegangan harus melalui tower dengan memanjat terlebih dahulu. Tambang pancingan tidak serta-merta bisa ditegangkan. Hal ini bisa berisiko terjadi hubungan singkat pada tambang”

Case Study - PT. QDC Technologies Power Line Stringing Project

PT. QDC Technologies Power Line Stringing Project located in Bandung and was left unfinished for 7 years. The original contractor left behind this project because of too many challenges. Then contractor QDC took over this project and tried to solve it in their own way, but they ran into some conflicts with local people when they tried to do the stringing crossing the residential area. Because the local residents raised demands such as no touching of the roof, they decided to use MMC drones as an alternative way to finish the project.>>watch the video

Problems/ Challenges:
It's difficult to stringing power line crossing the local residential houses' roofs without causing any damage;;
2. Need to pay for the damage when crossing private property area;
3. The project has delayed 7 years.

Spider Solutions/ Advantages:
1. Use Spider to fly over the residents' houses only needs 15 minutes;
2. No need to pay for the damage when crossing private property area;

3. MMC has built long-term cooperation relationship with the Indonesian State Electricity Company, PLN (PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara), MMC provides drones and training for PLN’s development team.>> read more

In April 2017, MMC also finished a power line stringing project for PT. Mega Eltra, the project site is in a high mountain within remote islands - East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
“It was a race against time. When we were doing stringing, we needed to measure when the fog came and did stringing before the fog covered the towers. The rain and the wind posed many difficulties to the project, but thanks to the MMC drone, we made it and brought power to the local people.” Said from a representative of PT. M.

Successful Demo of Drone Stringing Power Line on Thailand’s Ragged Mountain

In 2017, MMC accomplished a power line stringing project for EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) in Thailand, the power line stringing project started in a mountainous outskirt in Saraburi with peaks and valleys. The distance between two towers was 450 meters and there was a valley in between and kept producing wind. With level 5 wind resistance, the Spider drone overcame the wind and flew over lush trees without being intertwined by branches or hanged by human. MMC Ground Station helped a lot with the data and image transmission. It took only 20 minutes to complete the project while prevented from deforestation and manpower consumption.

Mr. Praphan Ooraikul, the manager of CHC Engineering Co., Ltd said, “I have never imagined the drone can substitute manpower to complete such a difficult project, I think we found a trustworthy partner now for the power transmission construction.”

Why Choose Spider for Overhead Power Line Stringing?

- Renovate Your Workflow
The Spider can do stringing for 15-20 towers one day and fly above any kind of fields, which can improve the efficiency of stringing work and reduce expenses incredibly.
- Save Money & Save Life

The Spider can help you avoid paying for cutting palm trees or crossing dangerous/ private property regions, it is also safer for the lineman and better for our environment.
- Professional Pilot Team

MMC has over 6 years’ power line stringing experience and has accomplished 300,000 km stringing coverage.
- Free Demo Service

MMC provides 1km free demonstration for power line stringing project, especially suitable for those who have power line stringing projects.
- Professional Training Service

MMC provides simulator training & on-site training. MMC is officially authorized by AOPA to award both the Pilot and Captain certificate.
- VIP After Sales Service

For problems occurs within the 12 months’ warranty period, the drone will be maintained or replaced for free, the calling will be responded in 24 hours. Besides, the freight will be paid totally by MMC.

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