MMC Drones/Accessories Show On The EXPO-MINERIA 2017(XXXII International Mining Convention)By MMC’s Distributor

EXPO-MINERIA (XXXII International Mining Convention) is a major Mining Expo event in Guadalajara,Mexico that held from Oct 25th to Oct 28, 2017, this expo attracted more than 1000 exhibitors, MMC’s distributor TACTICO is one of them.

As we all know that Mexico is a nation with a great mining tradition, and XXXII International Mining Convention was a every two years event that constitutes the main national mining forum, and one of the largest in the world.

XXXII International Mining Convention is a great opportunity to establish businesses, link with the forging institutions of professionals in Earth Sciences and have direct contact with the authorities focused on the mining sector .



More and more mining companies are planing to reduce risk, save money and protect working staff safty on site by using drone or UAV technology. MMC A6 Plus drone feature with heavy lifting, long flight time and highly-standard customed payloads modules, MMC’s distributor TACTICO offering a series of drone solutions for mining industry: mining detection, mining exploration, mining survey, mining mapping, mining surface stability monitoring and so on.

MMC Drones/Accessories Show On The EXPO-MINERIA 2017

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