Cirrutitan is a new generation of MMC-developed UAV tether system, featuring small volume, low noise, long service life, quick response and high efficiency. It is adaptable to MMC ground station, gimbal camera and communication system. Compatible with multiple MMC UAV powered by 12s battery, it can be applied to such areas as public safety and energy inspection.

Safe and Stable

Cirrutitan power module output end features weak power-supply ripple that imposes little interference to the powered UAV. The sky-end of Cirrutitan is capable of overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, over-temperature protection and short-circuit protection, which is to keep its stability and prolong its service life.

Backup Power for Double Safety

Cirrutitan comes with a back-up lithium battery that can supply continuous power to avoid drone fall due to power failure. The tether system switches quickly between main power supply and back-up power supply to ensure the UAV can maintain its function during the switch.

Standard Connector for Adaptability

Cirrutitan is equipped with MMC standard connector that can match to any payloads also equipped with the connector, enabling users to match it with different payloads according to different needs.

Integrated Design with Great Portability

The cable device is integrated with ground-end for greater portability. The sky-end weighs less than 620 g and the ground-end weighs less than 43 kg, making Cirrutitan extremely portable and convenient for quick-release in outdoor operation.

Integrated Design with Great Portability-1

Ground-end Weighs Less Than 43kg


Weighs Less Than 620g


Smart Cable for Automatic Stringing

Cirrutitan adopts a smart cable device that can automatically release, collect and organize the cable. Users simply need to press the button to control this process.


Smart Current and Voltage Detection

Both the ground-and-sky-end of Cirrutitan is capable of smart current and voltage detection and users can check the readings anytime to be ready in response to possible abnormalities.


Efficient Energy Conversion

Cirrutitan features high efficiency in terms of the ground-end quickly conversing energy and sky-end swiftly taking in and harnessing the power to initiate UAV for operation.

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