81-Minute flight time.12 kg payload.20km communication link.Payload plug-and-play.

You can count on this drone for multiple tasks

One hour fight time drone

Excellent long endurance and heavy payload capacity empowers Skylle 1550 an outstanding industrial hexacopter drone. It features lightweight carbon fiber one-body fuselage. Its arm comes with a unique structure for convenience and security. The drone is rain- and dust-proof and excels in loading ability. With a maximum flight time of 81 minutes and a maximum payload of 12kg, Skylle 1550 is a reliable high-performance hexacopter flight platform for various industrial applications such as security, fire control, and electric fields. As an open platform, MMC Skylle 1550 is compatible with orthographic camera, oblique camera, zoom camera , 3D laser radar, and other customized payloads within 12 kg.

Carbon Fiber Unibody

Skylle 1550 adopts carbon fiber unibody that features high endurability and strong protective properties and it is able to work under harsh environment like windy and rainy weather.

Plug-pull Arm Design

Plug-pull arm design allows for quick release, reduced package size and great portability. It is always ready whenever you want to start your mission.

Route Planning and Autonomous Flight

Through ground control station, one can set route planning flight in a key for autonomous flight and GCS-controlled flight. Even if you are a new pilot, you can perform your task just as good as a seasoned pilot.

81-Min Flight time

In built with a high-density Lithium battery and paired with highly efficient power system, its empty load maximum flight time reaches 81 minutes. You can finish more complicated surveying, mapping and inspection workflow and increase workload in an individual flight for less work cycle.

Payload Plug-and-Play

Equipped with universal UAV payload connector, it allows for payloads plug-and-play as well as quick switch. It also enables multiple combination of different payload sets up to 25 different types, such as gimbal camera+dropping+search light. This powerful design makes Skylle 1550 capable of performing various tasks including surveying, mapping, rescue, inspection.

10Km High Resolution Video Transmission

It features high-resolution video transmission within 10 km.

20Km Communication Link

It features long-distance remote control with communication link distance up to 20km, broadening your outdoor work range.

Available for Tailor-Made Software Development

Skylle 1550 is compatible with open source flight control and available for tailor-made software development, enabling users to customize flight functions.

Industrial Grade

SKYLLE 1550 features fire-proof, rain-proof and dust-proof carbon fiber one-body fuselage, and thus meets the requirements of various kinds of complicated situations.




Aircraft Type


Airframe Material

Package Size


Weight (Without Batteries Or Payload)

Skylle 1550



Carbon Fiber And Composite Materials

400*730*930mm (standard)/




Assemble Time

Max. Take-Off Weight

Max. Payload

Max. Climb Speed

Cruise Speed

Max. Flying Speed

Battery Capacity


Flight Time (Without Load)

Flight Distance

Max. Control Radius

Max. Altitude AMSL

Hovering Accuracy

Flight Mode




2 minutes and 40 second






22000mAh*12S LiHV  30000mAh*12S 18650

22000mAh*12S2P LiHV

62min 74min 81min

14km 18km 20km



Vertical ±1m, Horizontal±1.5m

Fully Automatic, Semi-Autonomous

One-Button Return, Lose Control Return, 

Low Battery Return

Autonomous Takeoff and Landing, Automatic Route, Black Box Function.


Max. Wind Resistance

Operation Temperature

IP Rating

Level 6



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