Etlas Mobile Ⅱ dual Operator Function(master-slave) GCS

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Etlas Mobile II smart controller,which has Dual Operator Function(Master and Slave).
The two GCSs can receive data and video information from the drone simultaneously.
Model: Etlas Mobile II
Size: 218mmX106mmX32mm
Screen display: 5.5 inches, 1000cd/m2, 1080P
Image transmission distance: FCC 20km; SRRC 12km 
Video transmission delay: 110ms minimum ( from input source to ground screen display)
Audio  Built-in speaker *1

Sky side
Communication interface: Two-way Sbus, UART, HDMI, NET
Power input: 12V; XT30 interface
Video input: 720P@30fps; 1080P@30/60fps
Size: 64mmX89mmX22mm

Exterior Design Improvement:
  • Dual Thumb Wheels, no combination needed
  • Add Wheels for Zoom
  • Add Switch for Flight Mode
  • Add Picture&Video Shoot Button On Back

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