Marstation Drone Box



  • All sensor’s data accessible remotely.
  • Temperature sensor. Autonomous power off in case of overheat insidedrone hangar.
  • Water Logging Sensor. Autonomous power off in case of water loggingdrone hangar.
  • Breaker. Autonomous power off in case of short circuit.
  • 4 external alarm indicators. Alarm on during hangar door closing andopening.
  • Voice feedback on current operation.
  • Steel structure in the hangar bottom, loading-carrying capability forforklift to move.


Device Dimensions

1900 * 1815 * 1215 mm

Device Weight

≤500 kg

Main Material

Aluminum, Steel


IP54, Anti-Lighting, Anti-Heavy Rain

Working Temperature

-20℃ ~ 65℃

Mainly Composed Unit

Cover, Protecting Structure

Lift Platform

Drone Takeoff and Landing

Drone-Centered Unit

Used to charge drones


Side Door and Back Door

Openable to Repair Parts Inside


Camera Inside Device

Safety Warning

Warning Mark on Parking Apron

Panel with Ports


Active Cooling Policy

Air Conditioning Starts

When High Temperature Detected

Protection Policy

Smoke Sensor, Auto Electricity Cut Off

UPS System

60min Battery Life In Case of Power Failure

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