Nova L50

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Nova L50 is the UAV payload product which is self-developed by MMC, its body is built by aluminum alloy combined with camera and high light LED. It is fitted with all new quick-release payload connector and suitable for various flight platforms of MMC.
• Built-in precise gyroscope sensor makes sure the light spot is stable.
• Integrate power switch could be powered on/off from long distance.
• Support flashing light, normal light, and ultra- light modes.
• Fitted with single axis gimbal to change light angle in real time.
• Maximum luminous flux is 5000lm with range up to 850m.

Model: Nova L50
Size: 107*105*123 mm
Weight: 1068g
Working temperature: -20 ℃~60 ℃
Storage temperature: -30 ℃~70 ℃
Focus type: Concave Mirror Focus
Effective lightning distance: 850 m
Max. luminous flux: 5000 lm
Angle range: -80°~80°
Video res.: 0.3 MP

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