Thyea R6

Sale price$12,000.00


The R6 ortho-multispectral adopts a large aperture, low distortion, achromatic imaging lens to accurately obtain the ground object information in the wide band range of 400nm to 900nm; the scientific research grade dielectric film narrowband filter, the average out-of-band response is ≤1%, and the spectral information is more Pure, 3.75μm large pixel size, more effective light input when taking pictures, higher signal-to-noise ratio; 12bit digital quantization bit depth, more precise recording of the light intensity information of the target, suitable for larger contrast scenes; data writing speed ≥ 30 MB/s, continuous photographing interval ≤1s, to meet the needs of fixed-wing UAVs; can be used in precision agriculture, precision forest and grass, ecological environmental protection, poppy inspection and other fields

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