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  • MMCUAV Athena SK2
  • MMCUAV Athena SK2
  • MMCUAV Athena SK2

Atheno SK2

Atheno SK2 flight control has a built-in shock absorption structure, dual IMU redundancy, and IMU constant temperature heating. Support MMC standard series of payloads, MMC RTK module, intelligent battery and millimeter wave radar.



Model Atheno SK2
Size 89*69*17mm; GPS-Compass:60mm (diameter)
Weight 310g
Power consumption 6W
Internal functions Built-in IMU, 5 flight modes, low-voltage protection, support SBUS receiver, including 8 main output and 6 functional output
Max. wind resistance ≤13m/s wind level 6
Max. Yaw rate 220°/s
Max. oblique angle 45°
Max climbing/falling speed Climbing 6m/s, falling 3m/s
Ground Control Station MMC Ground Station; MMC mobile station
Flight mode Manual, Altitude Hold (AH), Loiter,Route planning
Remote calibration Calibrate through MMC ground control station
PC calibration Support simulator
Hovering accuracy Vertical: 0.5m, horizon: 1.5m
RTK Vertical: 0.1m; horizon: 0.1m
Support flight platform type Quadcopter: +4,X4. Hexacopter: +6,X6. Octocopter: X8
Support ESC output 400Hz
Recommended battery type 6S~12S Li-Po battery
Working temperature -10℃ to +45℃
System Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit)
External receiver type S-BUS
Electric fence Support
Low power, low voltage protection RTH (Return to Home)

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