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Project Description

  • MMCUAV Meteo D4
  • MMCUAV Meteo D4
  • MMCUAV Meteo D4

Meteo D4

Meteo D4 four-in-one dropping payload system is self-developed and produced by MMCUAV. It consists of an FPV camera, an aviation aluminum alloy body, a throwing movement, etc. It is equipped with a new gimbal interface, which can adapt to many MMCUAV flight platforms and can be widely used in police equipment, firefighting, sea rescue, and disaster relief.



Size 105*105*62.1mm
Weight 824g
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage temperature -30℃~70℃
Max. payload capacity 8kg
Dropping mode Automatic, manual
Video resolution 0.30 million
Lens f=3.6mm

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Energy industry
The State Grid Corporation of China
UAV industry
A UAV service company
Media industry
Patrick- journalist
Electricity industry