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Project Description

  • MMCUAV Theia TD
  • MMCUAV Theia TD
  • MMCUAV Theia TD

Thyea TD

Thyea TD is a thermal camera gimbal independently developed by MMCUAV. It has functions such as pointing temperature measurement, supporting heat source and fire detection and alarm. The control system of the gimbal is integrated inside, while the camera is connected to the quick release part of the aircraft. Users can control the gimbal and camera by using MMCUAV’s self-developed GCS (ground control station). Thyea TD is compatible with the flight platforms of many models of MMCUAV and can be widely used in firefighting, rescue, energy and other fields.



Specifications Thyea TD
Size 122 x 86 x123 .5mm
Weight 410g
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage temperature -30℃~10℃
RH (Relative Humidity) range ≤95% (noncondensable)
Assemble Detachable
Structural rotation range Pitch:-100°~45°;Head:-170°~170°
Thermal camera performance
Thermal imager Uncooled VOx micro thermal radiometer
Temperature resolution 0.05℃
Lens f=19mm
Recognize range Recognize and alarm an object of 0.01-2 meter squared within 800 meter
Detector 730×585
Focal length of lens (perspective) 39°x27°
Working wave bands 8-14µm
Temperature measurement accuracy About 2°c or 2%
Temperature measurement range +30°~ 600°
Function control Color palette, start or stop record

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