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  • MMCUAV Theia X1
  • MMCUAV Theia X1
  • MMCUAV Theia X1

Thyea X1

HD image, precise capture. Thyea X1 high-definition camera is an integrated advanced gimbal control system with a high-definition transmission system that can output real-time, stable, and high-definition images. Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, integrated power supply to guarantee a long-term endurance; using the latest FOC brushless motor to respond to the operation instructions quickly, the unique shock absorption structure design is matched with the latest three-axis stabilization gimbal to ensure the image stable and clear, the high-definition camera ensures high-quality of output images.



Model Thyea X1
Size 122.32 x 104.56 x 104.56mm
Weight 520g
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage temperature -30℃~70℃
Static control accuracy About 0.01°
Dynamic control accuracy 士0.05°
Assemble Detachable
Structural rotation range Pitch:-130°~50°,  roll: -75°~75°,  Head: About 175°
Sensor CMOS
Video resolution 4K-30fps, 2.7K-60fps, 1440p-80fps, 1080p-120fps
Lens 6 ASPH lenses
Storage card Max. Support Micro SD 64GB
Working mode Video
Image stabilization EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

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