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Project Description

  • MMCUAV Theia ZT40
  • MMCUAV Theia Z40
  • MMCUAV Theia Z40

Thyea ZT40

Thyea ZT40 dual-sensor thermal camera is a self-developed and produced payload of MMCUAV. It integrates infrared thermal imaging chip and high-definition zoom chip. It can adapt to most drone models of MMCUAV by equipping with a new gimbal interface. With adopting an advanced gimbal control system, users can use MMCUAV’s self-developed ground control station to control the gimbal or switch display images.



Size 197*155*174.2mm
Weight 1.2kg
Assemble Detachable
Structural rotation range Pitch:-130°~50°; roll:-75°~+75°; Head:-175°~175°
Gimbal control range Pitch:-100°~45°;Head:-170°~170°
Static control accuracy About 0.01°
Dynamic control accuracy About 0.05°
Zoomable Yes
Zoom times of visible light 40 times
Image pixels of visible light 25 million
Video resolution 1920*1080
Temperature measurement range -20℃-150℃
Working mode Photograph, video
Storage card Max. Support32GB
Other functions Color palette, zoom
Sensor of the thermal camera Uncooled VOx micro thermal radiometer
Resolution of the thermal camera 640*512
Lens of the thermal camera f=25mm
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage temperature -30℃~70℃

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