State Grid (Corporation of China) Selects MMC Drones for Power Line Inspection in the Following Domestic Project

MMC has been appointed as the drone and solution supplier to the power line inspection program of State Grid. This opportunity will enlarge MMC’s market portion in the drone solution area.





Products being chosen by this program due to their remarkable technology performance and satisfying authorized test results from China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPPI). These over 30 tests run through appearance performance, low and high temperature, humidity and altitude adaptability, self- evaluation, task planning, switchable modes, navigation, flying control and hovering control accuracy, data transmission, ground station performance, battery supervision and performance, dropping system, location tracking system and other functions.

Among these products, B80 is newly developed, but it is the one who attracts the most interest with its incredible stable and forward looking flight performance. Acceptable size elevates its popularity for diverse industries, along with quick re-changeable landing gear, built in GPS antenna design and super corrosion and radiation resistance performance.



Motivated by the fierce and competitive market trend, MMC R&D department efficiently use their every second to enable their products performance for remaining frontier. The released products don’t fail their admirable hard- working. MMC drones become the first choice of many enterprises because of the excellent products performance, such as the long endurance (over 70 mins), heavy- lift capacity (7kg), optional pay loads, switchable modes, dropping system and other remarkable function, which appeals companies to purchase both domestically and world widely, especially in the power line inspection aspect.



MMC is skillful in setting and executing power line inspection solutions as it has accomplished several successful cases specifically for countries from southeast Asia. Therefore, this prolonged cooperation is a significant breakthrough to MMC in the whole set of drone solution applying especially in the large scale power line inspection aspect.

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