Our history root June 25, 2023

Our history

An MMC Timeline


  • Completed D+ financing round
  • Assisted the National Emergency Management Department in emergency response and rescue operations during the Zhengzhou flood
  • Held an industry conference to officially launch MMC’s four major UAV ecosystems


  • Completed D round financing
  • Established six national regional operating centers, conducted UAV epidemic prevention work in more than 20 cities across the country, and actively participated in epidemic prevention
  • Held 18 MMC partner conferences nationwide


  • Held the “MMC 2018 Annual Performance Release” in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, announcing a record-breaking 2018 annual performance with a company value exceeding 2.5 billion yuan
  • Held the “MMC New Product Launch and 2019 Dealer Conference”, introducing 4 new mapping products, including the “M8” with a longest flight time of 150 minutes


  • Constructed the MMC Global Operations Center in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province
  • Established several government UAV operation dispatch systems across the country
  • Held the “MMC Industrial UAV Full Industry Chain Conference” and officially initiated the construction of the MMC full industry chain ecosystem
  • Received awards such as “Potential Unicorn Enterprise, 2018 Startup Black Horse TOP100, 21 Future Stars & 2018 Most Growing Emerging Companies, and Shenzhen Aviation and Aerospace Industry Leading Award”


  • Completed C round financing of 200 million RMB, led by Plum Blossom Angel
  • Established overseas service centers in India, Indonesia, Germany, Malaysia, and Russia
  • Introduced high-level overseas talents, including 4 PhDs, 18 Masters, NASA senior engineers, globally renowned hydrogen fuel experts, and formed an military research and development team
  • Became the vice chairman unit of the “China Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Standardization Association” and vice-group leader of the international standardization organization ISO TC20/SC16/WG2, playing a significant role in setting international UAV industry standards


  • Completed B round financing, with investors including MeiHua Venture Capital and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Link
  • Established MMC UAV Academy, obtaining the first AOPA qualification authorization
  • Launched the first hydrogen-fuel UAV with a 273-minute flight time
  • Moved into MMC Technology Park and established branch companies in Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces
  • Attained qualifications such as National High-tech Enterprise, Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, AAA Credit Enterprise
  • Elected as the vice chairman of the China UAV System Standardization Association and the Shenzhen UAV Industry Association


  • Completed A round financing with investors including Guosen Securities and Daheng Laser
  • Merged with nine companies and R&D teams, becoming the first to break through the industrial UAV industry chain
  • Established subsidiaries in Indonesia, North American offices, and Indian offices
  • Co-founded the “Drone System Standardization Association”, participating in the formulation of various technical standards for industrial multi-rotor UAVs
  • Recognized as an excellent UAV enterprise, vice chairman of the China UAV Industry Alliance, and vice president of the Shenzhen Security Prevention Industry Association


  • Successfully developed China’s first UAV dedicated to powerline installation
  • Independently developed professional aerial photography UAVs, supporting disaster relief and recovery efforts in Yushu earthquake zone
  • Launched all-carbon fiber integrated molded multi-rotor UAVs, redefining industry UAV standards
  • Successfully developed the longest flight time multi-rotor electric UAV and the largest payload multi-rotor UAV, dedicated to being a reliable assistant for police and firefighters


  • Hong Kong MMC was established, focusing on research and development of integrated carbon fiber casings


  • Formed the MMC startup team, focusing on the development of multi-rotor vertical takeoff and landing UAVs