Poppy Surveillance root July 10, 2023

Poppy Surveillance

Drones provide efficient, safe poppy surveillance, using high-resolution cameras and chemical sensors.

Poppy Surveillance

Drones are increasingly used for poppy surveillance, offering efficient, large-scale monitoring with reduced risk for personnel. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, infrared sensors, and chemical detectors, they can identify poppy cultivation in any weather or time, enhancing control measures.

Traditional Poppy Surveillance Pain Points

  • Risky for personnel due to potential threats in poppy cultivation areas.
  • Limited reach and efficiency due to physical constraints of human patrol.
  • Inability to conduct surveillance during adverse weather conditions or at night.
  • Difficulty in detecting hidden or camouflaged poppy fields.

Advantages of Drone Poppy Surveillance

  • Drones reduce risk by remotely surveilling areas, ensuring safety of personnel.
  • Drones can cover large areas swiftly, increasing efficiency and reach of surveillance.
  • Equipped with infrared sensors, drones can perform surveillance in any weather and time.
  • High-resolution cameras and chemical sensors on drones can detect even hidden poppy cultivation.