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Support for Drone Service Providers

Advanced Industrial Drones for All Applications
Catering to a Wide Range of Industry Needs

Diverse Drone Portfolio

Multi-Rotor UAVs

Our multi-rotor drones are designed for agility, high payload capacity, and precision, easily adapting to numerous applications and industries

VTOL Fixed-Wing UAVs

Combining the benefits of fixed-wing and multi-rotor technology, our VTOL drones offer enhanced payload capacity, flight time, and maneuverability.

Fixed-Wing UAVs

Fixed-wing drones provide increased flight time and range, making them ideal for applications requiring long-distance travel and aerial surveys.


Drone Performance Features

Enhanced Flight Time and Payload Capacity
Extended Flight Time
Our cutting-edge drones offer maximum flight time up to 6 hours, perfect for long-range missions and extensive operations across various sectors.
Payload Capacity Variations
We offer a diverse range of drones with payload capacities from 1 kg to 100 kg, catering to the specific requirements of industries, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
Adaptable to Various Industry Applications

Versatile Mission Payloads

Our drones can be equipped with a variety of mission payloads, such as EO/IR gimbals, loudspeakers, searchlights, fire extinguishers, and rescue throwers, catering to the diverse needs of industries like public safety, disaster relief, and infrastructure inspection.
Turn Aerial Data into Actionable Insights

Advanced Data Analysis and Processing

Maximize the value of your collected aerial data with our industry-leading data analysis and processing capabilities, helping you transform raw data into meaningful insights and improved decision-making.
Hardware & Software Tailoring

Customization Options

We provide custom solutions catering to unique industry requirements, including tailored hardware and software packages for optimal performance and results.
Ensuring Client Success

Support, Training & After-Sales Services

Our long-lasting client relationships are built upon comprehensive support, training, and after-sales services, including product maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting.
Serving UAV Service Providers Globally

Proven Industry Experience

With 14 years of hands-on experience, we have provided world-class UAVs and industry-specific solutions to over a thousand drone service companies, showcasing our expertise and commitment to innovation.

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