Cross-industry collaboration root June 20, 2023

Cross-industry Collaboration

Empowering Industries through Cutting-edge Drone Technology
Catering to a Wide Range of Industry Needs

Multirotor, Fixed-wing, and VTOL Fixed-wing Drones

Multi-Rotor UAVs

Highly versatile and easy to maneuver, our multirotor drones are perfect for various industrial applications.

VTOL Fixed-Wing UAVs

Versatile VTOL fixed-wing drones, combining the best of both fixed-wing and multi-rotor technologies for ultimate performance.

Fixed-Wing UAVs

With longer flight times and wider coverage, our fixed-wing drones are designed for efficient, large-scale operations.

Customized Hardware and Software to Drive Efficiency

Tailored Drone Solutions for Every Industry

electric power

Drones enhance safety and efficiency in power sectors by enabling risk-free inspections, real-time data, and cost reduction.


emergency responder

Drones are revolutionizing emergency response. They provide real-time footage, deliver supplies, and assist in search and rescue operations, enhancing efficiency and safety.

environmental protection

Drones in environmental protection aid in wildlife monitoring, pollution detection, and forest conservation efficiently.



hydraulic engineering

Drones provide real-time data, reduce risks, improve efficiency, and lower costs in hydraulic engineering.


oil and gas

Drones in oil & gas industry enhance safety, improve efficiency, and reduce costs by conducting inspections and surveillance.

security and  protection

Drones provide real-time, wide-area surveillance, reaching inaccessible areas, aiding in rapid, effective security responses.

Drone Component Supply

Comprehensive Support for Your Drone Production Needs


We offer a variety of mission payloads, such as electro-optical gimbals, loudspeakers, lights, launchers, extinguishers, and more for diverse task requirements.

Ground Station

Providing precise handheld controllers & ground stations for real-time transmission, with options for 20km, 30km, 80km, and 150km coverage.

Carbon Fiber Frame

Offering carbon fiber frames for multirotor, fixed-wing, and VTOL drones, ensuring strength, durability, and a lightweight structure.

Navigation Equipment

Providing GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS-compatible navigation equipment with anti-interference capabilities for accurate positioning.

Flight Controller

Get precision & safety with our top drone flight control systems, customizable to needs and open for secondary development.

Power System

Complete power system solutions, including propellers, motors, ESCs, batteries, and smart chargers, ensuring lasting power output and efficiency.

Elevate Your Business with Our Innovative Drone Solutions.