Drone Software root July 2, 2023


Revolutionize Your Operations with Our Expertise
Easy-to-use, multilingual design

User-friendly Interface

Navigate and learn our software effortlessly, regardless of your expertise, thanks to our intuitive, user-friendly interface. Our software supports multiple languages, such as Chinese, English, Arabic, French, and Italian.
Auto-takeoff, return, and target tracking

Advanced Control Features

Enhance your drone’s usability with advanced control features such as automatic takeoff, return home, dynamic target locking, and tracking, ensuring optimal performance and convenience in real-world applications.
HD livestream monitoring and analysis

Real-time Image Transmission

Stay up-to-date with your drone’s flight status and task completion using our high-definition, real-time image transmission and monitoring functions for a comprehensive overview of your operations.
GIS, aerial survey, and 3D modeling

Data Processing & Analysis

Harness the power of our robust software for a variety of data processing tasks such as Geographical Information System (GIS) data processing, aerial survey and photography data analysis, and 3D modeling.
Thermal, vegetation, and land analysis

Advanced Remote Sensing

Leverage our professional remote sensing applications for advanced tasks such as thermal analysis, vegetation index analysis, and land use analysis, ensuring accurate and precise data-based decision making.
Store, review, and analyze flight data

Flight Log Management

Improve your operational efficiency and management level with our flight log recording feature, allowing customers to conveniently store, view, and analyze crucial flight data.
Automated routes, waypoints, and scheduling

Intelligent Flight Planning

Streamline your drone operations with our intelligent flight planning capabilities. Automatically plan routes, set waypoints, and schedule tasks for maximum efficiency and performance.
Parameter setting, adjustment, and diagnostics

Device Calibration & Troubleshooting

Simplify device maintenance with our software’s integrated calibration and troubleshooting capabilities. Effortlessly adjust parameters, identify issues, and resolve problems for optimal performance.

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