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MMC, with its high-performance UAV and industry chain integration advantage, is committed to boosting automation level so people can work in greater safety, with lower cost and by higher efficiency.

Drone Component Supply

Comprehensive Support for Your Drone Production Needs


We offer a variety of mission payloads, such as electro-optical gimbals, loudspeakers, lights, launchers, extinguishers, and more for diverse task requirements.

Ground Station

Providing precise handheld controllers & ground stations for real-time transmission, with options for 20km, 30km, 80km, and 150km coverage.

Carbon Fiber Frame

Offering carbon fiber frames for multirotor, fixed-wing, and VTOL drones, ensuring strength, durability, and a lightweight structure.

Navigation Equipment

Providing GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS-compatible navigation equipment with anti-interference capabilities for accurate positioning.

Flight Controller

Get precision & safety with our top drone flight control systems, customizable to needs and open for secondary development.

Power System

Complete power system solutions, including propellers, motors, ESCs, batteries, and smart chargers, ensuring lasting power output and efficiency.


Custom Software Development

Tailor-made Software Solutions to Suit Your Needs
Tailor-Made Control Systems
Custom software solutions for bespoke UAV control systems and unique features.
Data Analytics & Machine Learning
Enhance your drones with data analytics and machine learning capabilities.
Sharing Our Technology to Help You Start Quickly

Drone Production Technology Transfer

We provide a complete set of drone production technology to customers, covering hardware and software materials, helping customers quickly establish their own drone manufacturing capabilities.
From Site Selection to High-Performance UAV Production

One-stop Factory Construction Solution

Site Selection & Factory Design
Our team selects prime locations and designs drone factories for safety, efficiency, and environmental compliance.
Production Line & Equipment
We tailor production lines and procure high-quality equipment for dynamic, industry-standard drone manufacturing.
Workforce Training & Optimization
Expert training in drone manufacturing techniques, ensuring skillful workforce and optimized production processes.
Quality Control & Improvement
Implementing robust quality control systems and promoting continuous improvement for competitive drone production.
Enhancing Drone Performance through Joint Initiatives

Collaborative Research & Development

Join our collaborative R&D efforts to drive innovation in drone technology. Partner with us to enhance your drone performance, deliver cutting-edge products and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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