Construction Safety Supervision root July 21, 2023

Construction Safety Supervision

24/7 drone surveillance for construction site safety. Real-time streaming, violation detection, and detailed reporting

Construction Safety Supervision

Providing round-the-clock drone surveillance services for construction site safety, detecting violations such as smoking, equipment hazards, worker statuses, material storage, and safety gear usage. Featuring live streaming of the construction site and remote announcements. Daily drone inspections generate videos, photos, and statistical reports, clearly presenting details of violations and potential risks.

Traditional Construction Safety Supervision Pain Points

  • Limited visibility and reach, especially in large and complex sites.
  • Manual inspection can be time-consuming and prone to human error.
  • Difficulty in real-time monitoring and immediate response to safety violations.
  • Safety reports are manually compiled and may not be timely or accurate.
  • Traditional methods may risk the safety of inspectors in hazardous areas.

Advantages of Drone Construction Safety Supervision

  • Drones provide comprehensive visibility and reach, even in large and complex sites.
  • Drone inspections are quick, efficient, and reduce the risk of human error.
  • Drones offer real-time monitoring and immediate response capabilities for safety violations.
  • Drone-generated reports are automated, timely, and accurate, with visual evidence.
  • Drones ensure inspector safety by remotely accessing hazardous areas.