Positioning & Navigation root July 2, 2023

Positioning & Navigation

Discover the Power of Advanced UAV Technology
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo for precision

Global Satellite Systems

Our drones utilize multiple global satellite navigation systems, such as GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, ensuring accurate positioning and flight performance to enhance mission accuracy.
Inertial navigation, visual positioning

Multi-Sensor Fusion

Our UAVs integrate multiple sensors, such as inertial navigation systems and visual positioning, to provide more stable and reliable navigation performance.
Stable under signal interference

Anti-Interference Navigation

In environments with signal interference, our drones are still capable of maintaining steady navigation and positioning performance.
Intelligent route adjustment, safety

Autonomous Path Planning

Our drones employ advanced algorithms for smart path planning and route adjustments, reducing human intervention and improving flight safety and efficiency.
High-performance cameras, precision

Smart Target Tracking

Equipped with high-performance cameras and computational modules, our drones achieve accurate target tracking and positioning.
RTK for enhanced accuracy

Satellite Signal Boost

Our UAVs adopt enhanced satellite signal technology, such as RTK (Real-Time Kinematic), to achieve improved navigation precision.

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