About root June 25, 2023

About us

Drone Manufacturing and Advanced Technologies Provider

Global Leadership

Founded in 2009, MMC is a globally renowned industrial drone corporation. With the acquisition and integration of dozens of upstream and downstream enterprises, MMC has successfully established the world’s first industrial drone system supply chain. As an advocate and forerunner in the standardization of the industry, MMC has taken the lead in formulating multiple international drone standards, demonstrating its influence in shaping the global industrial drone sector.

More than 500 R&D engineers


Factory area over 200K square meters


UAV industry leading technology more than 10


Manufacturing drones since 2009

Industry Standard Maker

Co-leader Member of ISO UAV Experts Group
2 (1)
The Vice Director Member of the UASA
The Only UAV Expert of SAC

Rapid Growth

With a track record of rapid revenue growth, MMC has become a market leader in the industrial drone industry. Its continuous commitment to setting industry standards places MMC at the forefront of global innovation in the field. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise in the development of advanced unmanned aerial systems, MMC offers a wide range of world-class industrial drone solutions.

Reliability & Performance

Built upon its extensive industry experience and a robust supply chain, MMC is optimally positioned to address the unique and complex challenges faced by diverse clientele. Trust in MMC to deliver unparalleled quality, reliability, and performance in the ever-evolving world of industrial drones.