Security and Protection root July 7, 2023

Security and Protection

Drones provide real-time, wide-area surveillance, reaching inaccessible areas, aiding in rapid, effective security responses.

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traffic patrol

Drone traffic patrol enhances real-time monitoring, violation detection, accident investigation, and traffic control.


traffic incident management

Drones aid in accident management by documenting scenes, assessing impacts, providing real-time updates, and assisting rescues.

event security

Drones in event security provide real-time surveillance, crowd management, emergency response, and deter illegal activities.

poppy surveillance

Drones provide efficient, safe poppy surveillance, using high-resolution cameras and chemical sensors.


patrolling narcotics production hideouts
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night patrols

Drone night patrols offer potential in security, wildlife research, disaster response, agriculture, and border control.


border patrol

Drone border patrol enhances surveillance efficiency, detects illegal activities, monitors environmental changes, and aids in emergency response.

mass incident management

Drones aid in crowd event management by providing real-time surveillance, communication, emergency supply delivery, search and rescue, and data collection.