Thyea ZT10

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Thyea ZT10 dual-sensor camera payload is a model independently developed and produced by MMCUAV. Thyea ZT10 integrates infrared thermal imaging camera and high-definition zoom camera and provides intelligent tracking and recognition functions. Thyea ZT10 can be widely used in coastal defense, maritime inspection, forest fire prevention, power line inspection, and environmental protection etc.

Device Dimensions 180 * 120 * 120 mm
Device Weight 600 g
Assemble Detachable
Static Control Accuracy ±0.01°
Dynamic Control Accuracy ±0.05°
Zoom Digital Zoom
Thermal Lens 19 mm
Gimbal Rotation Range Pitch: -90°~30°
Horizontal Roll: ±75°
Head: ±145°
Visible Light Zoom 6X
Visible Light Camera 8.3 MP
Visible Light Video Resolution 1080P
Visible Light Lens 5.4mm
Temperature Taking Range 0℃~120℃
Thermal Imaging Resolution 640x480
Pixel Size 17 μm
Working Temperature -20℃~50℃

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