(March 14th – 22nd 2018)

Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), or the Indonesian State Electricity Company, is a state-owned enterprise that manages all the electricity issues in Indonesia. PT PLN UIP South Sumatra already established a partnership with MMC Indonesia. They have bought two of our drones for their power line stringing projects.

To be supportive, MMC Indonesia offered the PT PLN UIP South Sumatra after sales services with the flight training and stringing training to 11 participants. Below was the course of this training program:

1.Indoor flight training​ (March 14th-15th, 2018)

a. Drone Simulator Training

At the beginning of the training, we taught the participant how to practice flying with the drone simulator. The participant needed to fly a drone projected onto the big screen by a drone simulation game stick. The purpose of this session was to make these participants find their own way to control a drone.

b. Assembling

After introducing the drone parts, we gave the participants practical training on drone assembling. Each participant was asked to assemble a disassembled drone.

c. Written Test

To evaluate how well the participants comprehended the information given by the MMC guiders, they needed to pass the written test. The test content was all included in the presentation we showed in the former training process: drone standardization, remote functions and drone parts.

2. Outdoor Basic Drone Flight Practice (March 16th-17th, 2018)

We gave each and every participant a chance to try to fly our Spider in a field outside the PT PLN UIP South Sumatra office. The basic flight practice including taking off, moving the drone forward, backward, left and right at the altitude of 20 meters, then landing gently. After that, we trained them to fly the drone horizontally from taking off to soft landing in 15 seconds.

3. Basic Stringing Simulation Practice (March 18th – 20th, 2018)

In an open field near the project site, we divided the participants into two teams: one is within 5 members, the other is 6. Every member was taught how to be a well-coordinated drone pilot, copilot and wheeler operator during a stringing project. The practice was completed with MMC Spider by carrying a 2mm red nylon string with a water bottle at the end.

4. Onsite Stringing Practice (March 21st – 22nd, 2018)

The stringing class is about how to pull an electrical cable guideline. First, we split the participants into two teams. Then they pulled the 2mm red nylon string from a tower to the other by using the MMC Spider.

5. Drone Stringing Training Evaluation and Certificate (March 28th, 2018)

The training evaluation results and certificates were given to the PT PLN UIP South Sumatra training participants by MMC Indonesia.