Exhibition News | 2023 China (Hefei) Safety and Emergency Expo root June 13, 2023

Exhibition News | 2023 China (Hefei) Safety and Emergency Expo

Group photo taken at the opening ceremony of the China Safety Emergency Expo

The 2023 China (Hefei) Safety and Emergency Expo, as well as the Anhui Fire Technology and Equipment Exhibition, came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition attracted over 300 domestic brands in the safety, emergency, and fire sectors, and also drew nearly 38,000 visitors from various provinces and cities across the country, including leaders from emergency, industry and information technology, urban construction, public security, water resources departments in Anhui Province, members of the safety commission in Hefei’s counties, districts, and development zones, as well as representatives from enterprises in the field of safety and emergency from all over the country.

MMC Booth

As a global leader in industrial-grade UAV technology, MMC exhibited a range of signature products at the exhibition, including mobile command vehicles for UAVs, hexacopters, quadcopters, and VTOL drones.

MMC command vehicle

Comrade Xi Jinping has put forward a series of new ideas, new concepts, new requirements, and new measures, making safety development and emergency management an important part of advancing the modernization of the national governance system and governing capabilities.

Smart Emergency Solutions

As unmanned aerial vehicle technology and system solutions become increasingly mature, MMC has launched a Smart Emergency Solution that integrates UAV flight platforms, diversified payloads, emergency command and dispatch platforms, cloud computing, and big data technology to achieve the full closed-loop of emergency task rapid dispatch and response, emergency command, rescue material delivery, real-time disaster monitoring, disaster analysis, and post-disaster analysis. Currently, the solution has assisted multiple regions in completing emergency rescue tasks.

Real-time Platform Monitoring

In natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, etc., there may be situations where victims are trapped. By using unmanned aerial vehicles, emergency command and dispatch platforms, infrared monitoring and transmission devices, complex terrain and buildings can be inspected for potential hazards, on-site command and rescue, disaster detection and prevention through aerial patrol. The flexible, fast, safe, and efficient characteristics of UAVs have become a new choice for firefighting teams!