MMC and Kaihong Collaborate to Develop Open-source HarmonyOS Drone root April 26, 2023

MMC and Kaihong Collaborate to Develop Open-source HarmonyOS Drone

Strengthening open source has become a necessary condition for promoting China’s strategy of becoming a science and technology power. For the first time in the “14th Five-Year Plan,” the term “open source” is mentioned, and it is explicitly stated that support for the development of innovation alliances such as digital technology open source communities is necessary.

On the scene of the OpenHarmony Developer Conference 2023

As information technology continues to innovate and develop, domestically-produced and self-developed full-scene distributed operating systems have become a key technological element driving high-quality growth. Through their deep collaboration, MMC and Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. are creating an open-source HarmonyOS drone and demonstrated its interactive scenario with the Kaihong tablet and PC at the OpenHarmony Developers Conference in 2023. By integrating the core capabilities of KaihongOS, a full-scene distributed operating system, and artificial intelligence technology, this drone breaks down the barriers between devices and data, redefining the concept and application of drones.

Secretary General Sun and Academician Ni are providing on-site guidance at OpenHarmony Foundation

KaihongOS’s technical features correspond to the current needs of the drone industry, which faces various demands for terminals and systems, accompanied by high development workloads and costs for each device. As a full-scene distributed operating system, KaihongOS can build a framework and platform for an intelligent terminal device operating system and provides a technology feature of one-time development and multi-terminal deployment.

UAV smart city management application scenarios

It can, therefore, improve the efficiency of drone development and achieve a unified operating system for the drone industry. Based on the flexible combination between the distributed software bus feature of KaihongOS, it can support the hardware capability sharing and coordination between drones and other devices. Moreover, the drone flight platform can be compatible with the Kaihong controller, facilitating real-time data transmission and improving the efficiency of data feedback.

Hexacopter drone based on KaihongOS

The KaihongOS drone jointly created by MMC and Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. uses the KaihongOS tablet for operation. The task interface can flow freely between different devices to achieve multi-terminal coordination, which is convenient for drone operation and management decision-making. Meanwhile, by leveraging KaihongOS’s atomic services and super-device capabilities, they can create a drone twin, which can achieve real-time dynamic twin mapping on both tablet and computer devices and realize the technological breakthrough of one-person controlling multiple drones.

Hexacopter drone based on KaihongOS

Currently, MMC and Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to continue actively exploring the application of OpenHarmony in the drone industry, creating KaihongOS drones and achieving the intelligent upgrading of industrial drones.