The 2023 Drone World Conference has Come to a Successful Conclusion! root June 5, 2023

The 2023 Drone World Conference has Come to a Successful Conclusion!

Photos from the 7th Drone World Conference in 2023

The 7th World Drone Conference and 8th Shenzhen International UAV Exhibition have come to a successful close in 2023! The conference was attended by over 10,000 industry experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from more than 100 countries and regions. Over 300 domestic and foreign enterprises showcased their latest drone systems and equipment, with more than 3,000 drones on display.

International Unmanned System Design Award

International Unmanned System “Little Giant” Award

At the 2023 Global Drone Convention held on the evening of June 2nd, MMC became the center of attention as it was awarded both the International Unmanned System “Little Giant” Award and the Unmanned System Design Award for its independent and innovative product design resulting from its robust R&D capability.

The Award Ceremony at the 2023 Global Drone Convention

Through its long-term unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system services, MMC has continuously integrated the needs of various industries and expanded the service scenarios of industrial drones. Currently, the company has become the world’s largest comprehensive solution provider for UAVs based on “hardware + SAAS platform + service.” It has built a complete hardware manufacturing and service industry chain ecosystem, making it the world’s first manufacturer with a complete UAV manufacturing industry chain. Additionally, MMC is also the most mature service provider for mobile smart city solutions in China.

MMC Exhibition Hall

The MMC Exhibition Hall showcases a theme of “Full Industry Chain Manufacturing and the Super Factory,” featuring a range of products that exemplify MMC’s comprehensive grasp of the UAV industry. These products include mobile UAV command vehicles, hexacopters, quadcopters, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, and displays related to mounted equipment, composite materials, and drone motors–all centered around the complete UAV industry chain. Through this exhibition, MMC effectively communicates its one-stop-shop approach to providing comprehensive UAV-related services.

Image of the exhibition on-site

The “Swift II” UAV command vehicle is equipped with multiple UAV platforms, mission-specific attachments, ground stations, and related accessories such as a 3.7 square meter HD LED outdoor display screen.

“Swift II” UAV Mobile Command Vehicle

The vehicle adopts a highly integrated design, with functions such as cross-regional dispatch, emergency command, communication support, and comprehensive monitoring and early warning, ensuring that command personnel can quickly arrive on site and initiate emergency response in the fastest time possible. The vehicle can establish a rescue command center at the accident site and complete on-site temporary command work such as data collection.
In addition, a variety of industrial UAV models such as Griflion M9, Notuzi Ⅱ, and Skylle Ⅱ are also exhibited synchronously. These models fully demonstrate the advantages and characteristics of different types of industrial UAVs in terms of endurance, flexibility, and carrying capacity, making them suitable for emergency response, public security, power, agriculture, water conservation, urban management, and other industries.

Skylle Ⅱ and Griflion M9 exhibits

In the future, MMC will continue to deepen its involvement in the construction of smart cities and develop a full range of software and hardware solutions tailored to different industries, continuously providing various industry-specific application solutions.