2017 Baoan Industry Development Expo–MMC New Drone Luanching root July 30, 2017

2017 Baoan Industry Development Expo–MMC New Drone Luanching

The Baoan Industry Development Expo hereafter as The B-Expo held by People’s Government of Shenzhen Baoan Cent in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center July 27-29 2017.

Bao’an District of Shenzhen develops rapidly and becomes a major economic and industrial district of Shenzhen, creating a series of economic and social development miracles and cultivating a large number of internationally competitive companies and products.

MMC factory as one of the massive-scale listed industrial UAVs manufacturer located in Baoan Shiyan has been proposed as Advanced Tech Manufacturer, High Tech Enterprise, and other government authorized rewards in recent years, on top of that, MMC was being specially presented in The B-Expo every year as the symbol of the high tech industrial enterprise in Baoan.

The B-Expo including industrial smart devices, intelligent communication and internet, UAVs, precise equipment, and high-level equipment manufacturing.

MMC has successfully held a New Product Launch Event on Exhibition, B4 is a small size type of commercial drones that appears now, since all the industrial drones that MMC has made are highly efficient applied to a variety of areas as big drones, MMC also knee on making higher-end and more elegant design products to satisfy the growing market needs.

Along with the MMC series of products, B4 is a highlighted presentation on Expo, lots of guests from both domestic and overseas have visited our booth and showed great interest in it.

In the stream of high tech info and internet era, MMC could always well play the role of inventive and most creative industrial leader.