Before a Drone Leaves MMC Factory root February 14, 2018

Before a Drone Leaves MMC Factory

After a drone was developed by MMC R&D department, then comes to the parts producing and installation work, but a new drone is forbidden to leave MMC factory before the following procedures.


I. Basic flying performance tests

These tests are operated in the flying ground of MMC Tech Park, 5 main tests include: hover stability, hovering without drifting, maneuvering flight mobility, climbing performance and return performance.


II. Route planning tests

A large area of field is necessary to these tests, it takes a team to achieve this mission: two pilots and one data analyst at least. The test content covers: checking on the connection between video transmission and radio, flight monitoring by analyzing the flying report, a standard test of shipment with data analysis instead of subjective estimation.


III. Flight endurance tests

Flight endurance tests are realized in MMC flying ground: parameter adjustment, stability test on payload functionality, stability and endurance of new batteries.