Drone Rental Era is Coming… root March 15, 2018

Drone Rental Era is Coming…


It’s the second time in 2018 that the drone maintenance centers have visited MMC, this time the visitor comes from the USA.

This firm has started their drone rental business in 2017, then they found a profitable area: the professional industrial drone rental. This idea isn’t jumped out of nowhere, this company did researches before made their minds, also this trip is decided after many industry investigations.


This lady watched some demo and saw several videos of our drone cases, she was amazed by the diversified fields that MMC drones were deployed, but the most attractive product to her is MMC tethered drone- T1, she was familiar with this model in the USA, but the price left them not too much interest. However, with MMC’s rental concept, the barriers vanished, she left her schedule and looked forward to meeting with the Director of MMC U.S. Rental Center.


Even the wave of blue ocean in drone industry seems being exaggerated, the true value of high technology never fades in the long river of history, it has ups and downs, but it works on our lives every time.