Drones Marked with Made-in-China are Accepted Worldwide root April 3, 2018

Drones Marked with Made-in-China are Accepted Worldwide

An America customer who owns a drone company that provides the surveillance solution mainly, more than 500 drones this company had sent for missions. Before these drones were manufactured by local factories. After the roaring development of company business, they started to look for a more cost-efficient drone manufacturer. While, China has become the major drone export country, to learn more about the manufacturing cost, shipping cycle, producing techniques and the customizable capability, this trip was on schedule months ago.

MMC factory concludes different workshops for each part of the drone, this client watched a drone demonstration after the factory tour. The well-organized assembly line and the stable flight experience gave him a promising solution for a delightful future of his company. Now the cooperation agreement is under discussion.