Lu Zhihui : More Persistence And Less Excuse On UAV Industry root September 30, 2017

Lu Zhihui : More Persistence And Less Excuse On UAV Industry

“UAV in many areas and directions, there is a very broad market, the closure of several enterprises is normal, often after some business failures will be the birth of more enterprises, the development direction of the whole UAV industry but broader. “Shenzhen MMC Air Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of Lu Chihui said that if the problem or positioning enterprises are not allowed to be eliminated, it is not normal. If these companies are not eliminated, then there will be a large number of members, under their leadership, get into the “dead end”. If they have been going down, do not dissolve, then this group of people, and ultimately will not find a way out, the whole UAV industry really dangerous. Says Luzhihui the president of MMC.

“When I was graduating, I wanted to choose some of the younger, less saturated areas, and I did not like the traditional industry and working atmosphere, and at least the traditional business, at least there was a chance, especially the traditional industry. Lu Zhixui in 2006 or an intern, there is no venture capital. “At that time the company is not the entirely entrepreneurial business is more suitable for me, but I did not control the direction of the industry to control the ability,” Lu said that in 2009 when his team has produced a Consumer level unmanned aerial vehicles, the cost is very low, when the company also has the conditions for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, prototype also developed out. But then the company that consumer-class UAV no market, do not agree to the product to market. “At that time I have mastered some of the model sales data, these data let me see the potential market of consumer unmanned aerial vehicles.We use six months to develop the prototype, they intend to re-use the prototype product for three months, To the market. “But when Lu Zhigui to their own ideas and then the leadership of the report, did not get the approval of the leaders. “I spent a whole month communicating with the leadership, expecting them to agree with my thoughts, but every time they did it. It is also in other companies “Huaicai not encounter”so that Lu Zhenhui really embarked on the road to entrepreneurship. In 2009, Lu Zhihui founded Shenzhen Kobe Air Technology Co., Ltd. (MMC), specializing in industrial multi-rotor UAV system development, production, sales, and service. In North America, Shenzhen, HIT established three R & D center, now has more than 10,000 square meters of production research and development base and experimental center. In March 2016, Zhejiang Corbett, Jiangxi Bryant officially put into operation. Today, MMC UAV are widely used in power patrol lines, power lines, public security police, air investigation, forest fire, emergency rescue, petrochemical applications, surveying and mapping, and monitoring, urban planning, agricultural protection, film and television And other fields, for the power, public security, fire, petrochemical, agriculture, aerial photography and other industries to provide a package of solutions and full-service support. Sales The Corbett School of Aeronautics is a professional organization with AOPA pilot training, specializing in multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle training services for the continued delivery of unmanned aerial vehicle personnel. Ten years ago, Baidu can be found on the information on UAV companies very few. Now UAV companies have mushroomed growth, we do not see a few companies cannot go on, that the whole industry is not good. I think, natural selection, the survival of the fittest, this is a normal thing. Lu Zhihui firmly said that any type and level of UAV development prospects will be very good.