MMC drones inspect 24 hours to extinguish forest fires

In order to effectively strengthen forest fire prevention and control, Dinghu District uses drones to conduct uninterrupted aerial monitoring of the main forest areas of the region for 24 hours, and set up 63 man-made forest fire checkpoints at the mountain pass in the forest fire prevention zone to check the passage of people and vehicles entering the mountains and strictly forbidden to carry the tinder into the mountain system. Air-ground interaction, multi-pronged measures, and fully do a good job in forest fire prevention and fire extinguishing.

UAV “Sky Eye” inspection mainly adopts a combination of manual and intelligent methods. Compared with manual operations, it has a series of advantages such as clear images, wide monitoring coverage, long flight time, low danger, and high operating efficiency.

The combination of using drone forest protection and traditional mountain patrol forest protection mode not only improves the efficiency of inspection tasks, but also strengthens the supervision of forest areas, effectively reducing the probability of disasters, and has a great effect on fire prevention and fire prevention. Through drone aerial cruising, compared with the previous 3D modeling model, once it is found that there is a flammable risk or an open flame, it will promptly report to the Dinghu District Emergency Management Bureau.

MMC drones have a large operating range, can cover an area of ten kilometers, and come with a 40x zoom. They can see the fire hazard in the distance from a 40x angle, and the operation efficiency is very high. In recent forest fires in Lingyun Mountain, Gaoming, Foshan, MMC drones played an important role in fire fighting and rescue.

Due to the close distance between dinghu and foshan, MMC dispatched 5 teams to the scene of Gaoming Lingyun mountain fire in Foshan for support. A series of communication work such as local video calls and image transmission in Foshan are completed by MMC drones. The pictures taken by the drones include the fire scene, fire, fire range, and whether there are hidden dangers of re-ignition after extinguishing are directly transmitted to the headquarters, the headquarters can deploy the next strategy based on the pictures taken by the drone, ensuring the smooth flow of the on-site fire rescue process.

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