MMC Drones Outstood in the Transport of Russia root December 11, 2017

MMC Drones Outstood in the Transport of Russia

The Transport of Russia 2017 was a domestic transportation show held by the Ministry of Transport of the Russia Federation in the most luxury exhibition hall next to the Red Square. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Minister of the Ministry of Transport and Minister Assistant of the Ministry of Railways attended this show and spoke highly of MMC drones, which also left the fame of the best exhibition booth to our partner company GEOMIR.

Most drones were not promising while applying into transport and railways because of the complicated circumstance, such as geography and altitude, which would bring series of challengeable task to drone work, including flight height, endurance, data transmission, mapping quality, etc. However, MMC wasn’t troubled by these questions any more due to years’ experience and dedicated working attitude, that probably was why MMC drones outstood in the Transport of Russia.