MMC helps CMA for Powerline Stringing root March 16, 2017

MMC helps CMA for Powerline Stringing

MMCUAV – the professional unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) manufacturer brings benefits to the world’s largest archipelago country – Indonesia. Commercial and industrial UAVs were not popular in Indonesia because of the lack of information and general views towards the new technologies. However, the MMCUAV product efficiency made a clear case of turning the Indonesian developers Cipta Mitra Andalas (CMA), into early adopters of UAV technology.

CMA, a local power line subcontractor from Sumatra – is in charge of the management of power line stringing and inspection of the island. In the past, the inspection work was based on traditional methods of manual inspection. CMA had to employ numerous workers and invest significant funds to complete projects. The most recent power transmission development was crossing 3.1km of palm oil plantation. The estimated expenditure for covering this area exceeded millions of dollars and months in administrative approvals. With MMCUAV’s X6 model, the CMA developers have managed to considerably decrease the expenditures and time, and accomplished the project within a day.

Namely, the X6, Spider solution flew 4 to 10 minutes in order to successfully string two power transmission towers. There were 8 communication towers cross the palm plantation and with the UAV flying at 100 meters height, the stinging went by with promptness and ease. MMCUAV’s latest technology in the power line stringing offers a solution that is both extremely economical and environment friendly.