MMC India: Aerial Analysis on vandalized areas of Kerala

MMC India has started the aerial mapping project in the devastated regions of Kerala’s killer flood on August, 2018. The analysis on the affected areas around the Bharathapuzha river was done with the help of the gargantuan camera of Skylla 1550.

Our expertise team of MMC India has approached this project with self-involvement and overcame an enormous crisis in the urban region. The aerial photography using UAV’s will aid in future for disaster mitigation planning and rehabilitation efforts.


Inorder to survey the ruined area of 28 in Ponanni municipality of Malappuram district, our troupe of MMC India  utilized the potentate of heavy payload drone Skylla 1550 and completed the specified area by 63 flights within 13 days from 23rd August, 2018  to  4th September, 2018. Some of the newspapers and news channels have published the aerial analysis project in Kerala.

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