MMC India has completed aerial mapping project victoriously for L&T Uttarakhand on June, 2018

As MMC India is providing consistent support to the giant corporate L&T constructions for long time, it has been pursued for L&T Uttarakhand to complete the aerial mapping project in 45+ locations at Uttarakhand. The aerial photography by UAV provides the elevations and contour mapping to the clients which helps them to build the electrical power transmission towers at Uttarakhand.


A most skilled pilot from MMC India have started the first phase of the project on June 10, 2018 which consist of 33+ locations at Srinagar and Ghansali.The second phase of the project which consist of 12+ locations at Tilwara has been started on June 22, 2018.During this project, the pilot faces an extreme complications such as an opaque cloudy circumstances at peak of mountain, slippery surface while descending from steep hill, time consumption to reach the mountain top, lack of access points, irregular terrains etc.,

An unvanquishable situations which is prevailed at Uttarakhand have been conquered by MMC India and successfully concluded the project on June 25, 2018.

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