MMC Indonesia has successfully finished the presentation & demo to PLN at Southeast Nusa

MMC Indonesia has eminently exhibited the hefty potential of Skylla 1550 in the field of powerline stringing to the PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara) which is a government owned electricity distribution corporation on July 23rd – July 25th 2018 at Kupang, Indonesia.

Our dynamic team of MMC Indonesia has delivered the presentation about the increment in work efficiency by using drone in powerline stringing and also clarifies the supremacy of Skylla 1550 such as human safety, time consumption and uncomplicated work to transmit wires between rivers, valleys, mountains etc.


MMC Indonesia also validates the presentation by providing the demonstration with the help of Skylla 1550 drone at NTT, Southeast Nusa. Our valued and honored clients namely, Mr.Nico, UPP Timor – Kupang (UPP Manager), Mr. Tri, PLN Bolok Sector (UPP Manager) and Mr. Made Wirawan (UPP Manager) have attended the presentation and they are excited about the technology of using drone in powerline stringing.

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