MMC UAV Brings Its Smart City Drone Solution to BEYOND Expo root December 13, 2021

MMC UAV Brings Its Smart City Drone Solution to BEYOND Expo

2th December, MMC UAV attended BEYOND Expo, the International Technology Innovation Expo held in Macau, China for promotion of its drone-based smart city solutions.

MMC UAV provides a full set of UAV solution based on “Hardware + SaaS platform + Service”, customized functions tailored to different industries as well as more than 100 types of services to different applications; with professionalism and caring services, MMC UAV helps its clients replace manual labors with AI technologies.

As the industry’s first autonomous drone platform for smart city mobility, MMC UAV’s MSpace smart platform realizes the functions of UAV cloud scheduling, cloud command, remote control, and video live streaming by integrating AI algorithms such as automatic tracking, traffic violation identification, illegal construction identification, defect identification, etc.

Integrated Water Resources Management Program

Wind Turbine Farm Autonomous Inspection

High-risk Chemicals Leakage Inspection

Security Guarantee Assistance for National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

High-speed Railway Network Smart Inspection

Fire Rescue Assistance for Jet Fuel Storage Area

In the future, MMC UAV will continue to promote the high-quality development of mobile smart city construction with leading hardware technology and UAV products, perfect software products and industrial UAV industrial ecology!