MMC Using Skylla 1550 Plus Professional Drone for Animal Protection root March 10, 2017

MMC Using Skylla 1550 Plus Professional Drone for Animal Protection

On 9th March,2017, the professional UAV manufacturer MMC carried a project in Palamau Wildlife Reserve using the  Skylla 1550 for animal monitoring. MMC staff from Indian Branch together with the reserve staff participated in the route planning, and flight demo.

The Palamau Wildlife Reserve is one of the nine original wildlife reserves in India and the only one in the state of Jharkhand, India. The animal population especially that of tigers is extremely scarce and counting them has become particularly difficult due to Naxalite activities that have increased since 1990 and illegal hunting or delayed treatment towards some epidemic disease.

Much of their suffering takes place hidden away from public view, but drone intends to change that. Living habit, the body abnormality,life threat towards its living environment and the population of the animals are all under surveillance with the drone and its payload of  undercover cameras. MMC also gave a night demo with ground station to receive real-time flight data and thermal camera to monitor the animal activity together with the surroundings.

About Skylla 1550 drone

The Skylla 1550 can be applied across various fields. Using A6 Plus with different payloads, users can finish industrial inspections, counting animal populations, power line stringing, mapping, firefighting and etc.. In 2016, the industrial aerial inspection drone A6 Plus implemented the inspection task of the mine site inspection in Calcutta, India and provided power line inspection service for Suzlon Energy Limited.