PT. BBS Powerline Stringing Project in Java root February 6, 2018

PT. BBS Powerline Stringing Project in Java

PT. BBS (Balfour Buana Sakti) is an Indonesian Multidiscipline Construction and Engineering Contractor, Electrical occupies a major portion of their market. Usually, their projects are undergoing all round, but none of the projects have been supported by drones. MMC was chosen for power line stringing in Pemalang Central Java.

As it was the first time that PT. BBS tried stringing by drones, PT. MMC passed the 150kv active line without causing any extinguishment. Meanwhile, this project exhibited the extraordinary performance of drone solution on powerline stringing application. To the manager of this project, he was so relieved and proud for finding such a safer and more efficient solution for PT. BBS electrical business.    

The next project cooperation will be activated in February, to address the importance of this creative stringing solution, the owner of PT. BBS and PLN Board of Director will supervise the project personally.