UAV becomes an important device for traffic patrol root September 23, 2019

UAV becomes an important device for traffic patrol

At present, many countries including China and Canada have enabled drone air patrols to participate in highway traffic management. The drones focus on shooting the traffic violations such as emergency lane parking and car occupation.

UAV patrol duty is mainly used for aerial photography to observe road traffic congestion and capture traffic violations. Within the scope of the drone’s radiation coverage, it can be photographed in accordance with the instructions of the traffic police, and various violations of traffic rules and road safety are clearly recorded. The trajectory of all vehicles and the number plate of the vehicle can be taken very clearly. Drones can capture illegal acts such as driving in wrong lanes, illegal parking in emergency lanes, occupying emergency lanes, etc, providing strong evidence for the traffic police department to punish according to law; and capturing and exposing some illegal activities such as motor vehicle retrograde. The blind zone of road enforcement has been eliminated to the utmost extent.

Most of the traffic police departments in China currently use the most advanced UAV monitoring equipment, including the Thyea Z40 HD zoom payload and Cirrutitan mooring power unit independently developed by MMC. The Thyea z40 HD zoom payload is equipped with a precise 3-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal and MMC standardized quick release connector, Thyea Z40 is an extraordinary 40x HD optical zoom camera payload. It integrates an advanced pan/tilt control system and a high-definition transmission system to provide efficient and stable image output at the highest magnification. Even if you are 1 km away, you can see the driver’s face. The Cirrutitan mooring power unit is designed to deliver power to the drone for long periods of time in the air, enabling the drone to perform 24-hour flight monitoring in the air.