MMC Combat Drone root January 22, 2019

MMC Combat Drone

The drone industry has become a model for carrying out the idea of civil-military integration in recent years.

As a leading brand of industrial drones, MMC UAVs  are widely used in military, police, fire, power line inspection, mapping, forest fire prevention and other fields. MMC has also attached great importance to the integration of military and civilian development and has continuously increased investment in the military field in recent years . Many products have been applied to military reconnaissance.

MMC combat drone has following features:

  •  Able to handle the terrain obstacles, taking off anytime, anywhere, and being flexible;
  •  Set the cruise path through the ground control system, no manual operation, intelligent inspection work;
  •  The maximum flying height is 5000 meters, which can effectively avoid the range of ordinary weapons;
  • Accurately determine the location of the target through the zoom system  and transmit the information to the command  center wirelessly in real time.
  • Infrared light emitted through the laser transmitter is used to assist in accurate shooting.

In the process of cooperation with the military, MMC went deep into the work of the troops and actively cooperated with the implementation work, The drones were promoted to be better and faster In the continuous experiment.