Rain/Fire/Dust Proof

Rain/Fire/Dust Proof

The lightweight and robust carbon fiber
material and one piece designed drone
frame guarantee its reliable performance
on rain resistance, fireproof and dustproof,
which enables MMC drones to work in all
types of tough environment.
Heavy-Lift Capabilities

Heavy-Lift Capabilities

MMC commercial drones are paragon
for lifting various heavy payloads, with
a maximum carrying capacity of 10kg,
they can meet every need of users in
industrial application, like heavy
industry- grade cameras, sensors
and multiple payloads.
Outstanding Flight Time

Outstanding Flight Time

Due to the powerful propulsion system,
MMC drones have remarkable long
endurance: 75 minutes if fueled by A6
plus, 2.5 hours by Hydrogen fuel cell
drone, 7*24 hours by tethered drone,
any of which will dramatically improve
the efficiency of your industrial tasks.
R&D Ability

R&D Ability

MMC R&D department is committed to build
its trustful influence on producing a complete
set of drones. Hydrogen power supply system
and comprehensive payloads capacities have
been independently developed along with
customized products. Diversified OEM and
ODM frames ordering are also available.

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