MMC Drones for Oil and Gas Inspection root January 9, 2020

MMC Drones for Oil and Gas Inspection

Oil and gas are important components of the global energy field, and the “talent” of drones in inspections is gaining increasing recognition. In addition to power inspections, oil and gas pipeline inspections are the main operating scenarios for drone inspections. Due to the length of oil pipeline routes, and most of the access areas are relatively remote and the topography is complex, traditional manual inspections are no longer sufficient.

MMC UAV oil and gas inspection, low cost, high efficiency, high safety factor and other characteristics, greatly reducing the inconvenience and errors caused by manual inspection, is a transmission pipeline for oil, natural gas An effective way to operate safely.

MMC dispatch center platform, one-stop solution for project ordering, task receiving, real-time data return, data storage, data processing analysis.

Drones transmit video in real time, mark hidden dangers, and export hidden danger reports.

Safety operation inspection, found hidden problems such as excavation and water accumulation.

Project construction inspection

Today, drones are becoming more widely used in the petroleum industry. There are more and more application scenarios, such as exploration, site selection, construction progress inspection, operation safety inspection, production and storage facility inspection, marine accident monitoring, geological disasters, and emergency management of fires during flood seasons.

With the continuous progress in technology and standards, the integration and development of drones and the petroleum industry will create more value.