VAIO Announces Cooperation with MMC to Launch UAV Products in Japan root December 17, 2019

VAIO Announces Cooperation with MMC to Launch UAV Products in Japan

Recently, Japanese electronics manufacturer VAIO announced that it will cooperate with MMC.


In this cooperation, VAIO will provide resources such as product planning, development, production, quality management, and marketing skills in the field of PC and robots, local customers in Japan, service foundation and other resources, combined with MMC’s R & D experience and performance in industrial robots. To explore the possibility of jointly developing the Japanese market. In the future, the two companies are expected to jointly launch products that are compatible with the Japanese market.

VAIO announces cooperation with MMC


The three giants join forces


According to public information, MMC was established in 2014. As an industrial drone manufacturer that has been in the drone industry for more than a decade, it has operations in many countries and regions on five continents. Its related products are mainly used in surveying and mapping, land surveying, power inspection, fire protection, police law enforcement, digital agriculture, and other fields. It is worth mentioning that MMC is also a joint member of the ISO drone expert group, a vice-chairman of the USA, and the only drone expert of the China National Standardization Management Committee.


Another company, VAIO, was founded in 1997. Before 2014, the brand was run by the famous Sony. After leaving Sony, VAIO was taken over by Japan Industrial Partners Inc and exited the overseas market in the same year. 

In August 2017, VAIO announced its return to the Chinese market. As a company specializing in R & D and production of notebooks, VAIO has actually been engaged in the commissioned production business, including drone production. Previously, VAIO had been commissioned by Japanese drone company Nileworks to mass-produce drone products and officially shipped on May 24 this year. In September this year, VAIO cooperated with another Japanese drone company Are next to develop drone business. 

At the 4th Shenzhen International Drone Exhibition on June 20 this year, MMC and Are next announced that they would establish a cooperative relationship to jointly develop overseas markets. Today, the three industry giants, MMC, Are next, and VAIO has established strategic partnerships to achieve complementary resource advantages and jointly promote the upgrade and development of the drone industry.