Congratulations! MMC won the 17th”Shenzhen Famous Brand” root January 17, 2020

Congratulations! MMC won the 17th”Shenzhen Famous Brand”

On January 6, the evaluation results of the 17th “Shenzhen Famous Brands” were released, and 66 brands including MMC were selected as the new “Shenzhen Famous Brands”.

This year’s “Shenzhen Famous Brands” review activity attracted a total of 297 brand declarations from more than 40 sub-sectors such as robotics manufacturing, medical equipment, communications, software and information technology services, energy conservation and environmental protection, building decoration, agriculture, and catering. The evaluation paid more attention to the market advantages and R & D strength of candidate companies. After reviewing by industry associations, market evaluation, and notarized voting by hundreds of authoritative organizations, MMC won the fierce competition and was eventually selected as the 17th “Shenzhen Famous Brand” list, which fully reflects the comprehensive strength of MMC.

“Shenzhen Famous Brand” means that the quality of products and services reaches the advanced level of similar domestic products, is in a leading position in the same industry in the local area, and the brand value ranks in the forefront of the industry. Competitive, legally owned brands. According to statistics, the enterprises receiving this honor account for only 0.4 ‰ of the total number of enterprises in the city, with sales accounting for 45.91% of the city’s total sales, 39.23% of tax payments, and 33.73% of exports, ranking the leader in domestic market segments.

MMC was founded in 2010. As an internationally leading industrial drone company, MMC has built the first comprehensive supply chain of industrial UAV, and has acquired dozens of upstream and downstream industry chain companies. At the same time, it led the formulation of a number of international standards for drones, leading the development of international industrial drone industry standards. Now, MMC has seized market share every year with several times the revenue growth, and has become a leading industrial drone company.

The company’s R&D headquarters is in Shenzhen, and has established five major R&D centers in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei, and Jiangxi. And set up branches and overseas offices in Russia, the United States, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Peru, Uzbekistan, the business covers the world. In the past four years, its annual performance has increased by more than 200%, and it is the largest supplier of SGCC, the only supplier of China Guodian Corporation for wind energy inspection, the largest supplier of public security fire control, the largest supplier of Sinopec Group and the second largest supplier of CSG.

MMC continues to develop new technologies, and now has won the first prize of the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest and the Shenzhen UAV Industry Leadership Award. It has been ranked among the top ten innovative brands of Chinese drones and the top ten brands of Chinese police equipment for three consecutive years. MMC was awarded “Shenzhen Famous Brand”, a testimony to the development of MMC and recognition of its strength. MMC will continue to uphold the spirit of “sincerity, refinement and innovation”, serve customers with sincerity, win customers’ trust with sophisticated products, develop new products and explore new areas with the concept of continuous innovation.